Co-curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Timetables will be issued at the beginning of each season and once pupils have registered for a co-curricular activity they have made a commitment and will be expected to meet that commitment. They will not be allowed to come and go as they please and, except in the case of illness, must excuse themselves in advance if unable to attend a meeting, rehearsal, practice or match. The following sporting activities are on offer during the course of the year (cost inclusive) 



Football (Gr 3 - 7) Netball (Gr 3 - 7)
Athletics (Gr 3 - 7) Cross Country (Gr 3 - 7)
Cricket (Gr 3 - 7) Tennis (Gr 3 - 7)
Swimming (Gr 3 - 7) Hockey (Gr 3 - 7)
Mountain Biking (Gr 4 - 7) Rock Climbing (Gr 3 - 7)
Softball (Gr 3 - 7) Equestrian (Gr 3 - 7)

Equestrian and riders are selected to represent HeronBridge College at Inter-School events.
The following cultural activities are on offer during the course of the year


Chess Drama
Choir Computers
IsiZulu Art & Craft

Our Grade Ones and Twos enjoy an Integrated Day where all the above activities are scheduled for each child, on a rotational basis, as a part of their school day.