The GET (General Education and Training), Band follows the National Curriculum with pupils participating in all eight learning areas. The phase ends with externally set exit examinations. Subjects offered in Grade 8 and 9 :

Natural Sciences (Physical Science & Life Science)
Human & Social Sciences (History & Geography)
Economic & Management Sciences
Life Orientation
Arts & Culture

FET: GRADE 10 - 12

The FET (Further Education and Training), Grades 10 - 12, pupils carefully select carefully their subjects. At the end of Grade 12, pupils sit the IEB Examination. (Independent Examination Board) National Senior Certificate.

Subject Choice as at January 2018

Grade 10 - 12 Compulsory Subjects Grade 10 - 12 Optional Subjects
English First Language Life Science
Afrikaans First Additional Language Physical Science
Mathematics – or History
Mathematical Literacy Geography
Life Orientation Art
  Computer IT (Information Technology) – or
  AP Mathematics
  EGD (Engineering and Graphic Design)


  1. A pupil must offer seven subjects;
  2. A pupil must offer two official languages;
  3. All pupils must offer all the compulsory subjects;
  4. Mathematics will be on offer at HeronBridge only to those who achieve at least 50% in Mathematics in Grade 9;
  5. Mathematical Literacy will be the compulsory option for those who achieve less than 50% in Mathematics in Grade 9
  6. Accounting, Computer Studies IT and Science require Mathematics and so will not be options for those who achieve less than 50% in Mathematics in Grade 9;
  7. Computer Studies CAT will not be an option for pupils offering Mathematics, except in special circumstances;
  8. The requirements for further studies set by the various tertiary institutions.