Matric Results - 2009

HeronBridge College celebrates the class 2009

2009 Top 7 Matric Results

HeronBridge College Matric 2009 learners achieved 100% pass rate with 100% access into tertiary education.

We are extremely proud of the College’s 2009 NSC results. This was only the fourth group of pupils to complete their schooling at HeronBridge. Over the four years a reputation has now been firmly established for excellent academic results and the pattern places the College at the forefront of good schools. 

Writing the IEB examinations, all of HeronBridge College’s 62 candidates passed, thus achieving a 100% pass rate. The Bachelor Degree pass rate (the number of candidates qualifying for university access) was 92%, or 57 of the total. The other 5 candidates all achieved the Diploma pass, qualifying them also for tertiary education. That’s a 100x100 rate: 100% pass and 100% access to tertiary institutions! 7 of our pupils attained overall averages above 75%. The pupils achieved a total of 70 distinctions, followed by 116 B symbols and 118 C symbols. The Dux Scholar was Jordyn Laubscher, with a total of 7 distinctions (English, Mathematics, Mathematics Paper 3, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Information Technology, Life Orientation) and an average of 85%. Particular congratulations go to Jordyn. 

We are genuinely very pleased with these results. I congratulate the pupils on what they achieved, acknowledging that their hard work and determination stands behind it all. Equally, the results speak of a most significant input by the teachers. I watched with great gratitude as teachers gave freely of their time and energy throughout the year. I know that, apart from their dedication in the classroom, they were phoned at home by pupils, had pupils in their homes for extra lessons, gave of their holiday time for the Winter School and made every effort to ensure proper preparation. I have seldom seen so much time and effort given by Grade 12 teachers. Our staff went the extra mile to ensure the very best for the pupils and deserve themselves to be congratulated on these fine results. 

D Klein
College Head