Matric Results - 2014

HeronBridge College celebrates the class of 2014

HeronBridge College has once again produced an outstanding set of National Senior Certificate results for 2014, under the aegis of the Independent Education Board.
The school is situated in the northern suburbs about 10 km north of Fourways and serves a community where the vast majority of students take up further study at tertiary level.

Grade 12 class of 2014 results are as follows:

  • 100% pass
  • 100% access to further studies
  • Over 80% pass with degree
  • 8 of the students who didn’t achieve a degree pass have qualified to write a supplementary exam owing to the fact that they were only 1 or 2% short of a Pass with Degree.


Average for all students across all subjects was 66.5%, 2% up on the very good Prelim average and the highest average in the last three years.

Good subject averages across the board.

Particularly noteworthy – English 68%, Maths 72%

In total 30% of students had an average of over 75% - Full Colours


Top Students

Calvin Branson: 80% - 3 distinctions (Eng, Geo, Maths)

Given Tshuma: 80% - 3 distinctions (Acc, IT, Maths)

Natasha Lewis: 80% - 3 distinctions (Afr, LO, Bio)

Erin Oberem: 80% - 5 distinctions (Eng, Afr, LO, Bio, Art)

Emma Stacey: 82% - 5 distinctions (Eng, Afr, LO, Bio, Maths)

Valentine Chisango: 85% - 7 distinctions (Eng, IT, LO, Bio, Maths, Sci, AP Maths)

Erin Warren-Hansen: 89% - 8 distinctions (Acc, Eng, Afr, LO, Bio, Maths, Sci, AP Maths)


Top 1% of all Afrikaans students – Natasha Lewis

Top 1% of all Accounting students – Erin Warren-Hansen


Receiving an IEB Outstanding & Commendable Achievement – second year running – achieved within the top 5% of all learners in 6 or more subjects – places her in top 50 of all students country wide – Erin Warren-Hansen


Calvin Branson

Given Tshuma

Natasha Lewis

Erin Oberem

Emma Stacey

Valentine Chisango


Erin Warren-Hansen



Congratulations to the class of 2014 ... Go out and conquer the world with HEART.