Matric Results - 2015

HeronBridge College celebrates the class of 2015

HeronBridge College has done it yet again continuing the tradition of achieving an outstanding set of National Senior Certificate results for 2015, under the aegis of the Independent Education Board and raising the standard even higher than the previous years. Once again we have achieved what we refer to as the 100x100: 100% pass rate and 100% access to tertiary studies.

Grade 12 class of 2015 results are as follows:

  • 100% pass
  • 100% access to further studies
  • 96% pass with degree - highest percentage ever

Top 10 Students:-


Joshua Thistleton
8 distinctions at an average of 95.4%
(Afr, Eng, Geo, LO, Bio, Mat, Sci, AP Mat)

Paula Edwards
8 distinctions at an average of 94.4%
(Acc, Afr, Eng, LO, Bio, Mat, Sci, AP Mat)

Daisy Gidlow
8 distinctions at an average of 87%
(Afr, Eng, Geo, LO, Bio, Mat, Sci, AP Mat)

Nicola Stacey
8 distinctions at an average of 85%
(Acc, Afr, Eng, LO, Bio, Mat, Sci, AP Mat)

Mia Boddenberg
6 distinctions & one 79 at an average of 85%
(Afr, Eng, His, LO, Bio, Mat)

Tyler McKee
6 distinctions
(Eng, Geo, LO, Bio, Mat, Sci)

Rachel Stevenson
5 distinctions & two 79’s at an average of 85% (Eng, Geo, LO, Bio, Mat)

Megan Jennings 
5 distinctions
(Eng, His, LO, Bio, Mat)

Megan Smith
4 distinctions (Afr, Eng, LO, Bio)

Ashleigh Bicker Caarten
3 distinctions (Eng, LO, Art)

Average for all students across all subjects was 67.1%.

Good subject averages across the board.
English 72%, Maths (AP Maths, Core, Lit combined) 70%

Previous highest average was 91.6% by Jessica George in 2008

Top 1% of all English candidates: Paula Edwards, Nicola Stacey, Joshua Thistleton,
Top 1% of all Geography candidates: Tyler McKee, Joshua Thistleton
Top 1% of all Life Orientation:  Paula Edwards, Joshua Thistleton
Top 1% of all Life Sciences candidates: Paula Edwards, Rachel Stevenson, Joshua Thistleton
Top 1% of all Mathematics candidates: Paula Edwards, Daisy Gidlow, Joshua Thistleton
Top 1% of all Science candidates: Paula Edwards, Joshua Thistleton

Receiving an IEB Outstanding & Commendable Achievement (the IEB’s highest academic achievement) – third year running – achieved within the top 5% of all learners in 6 or more subjects – placing them in top 50 of all students country wide: Paula Edwards & Joshua Thistleton

Our heartiest congratulations are extended to all our Grade 12 pupils and to all our teachers on achieving these very special NSC results.

Congratulations to the class of 2015 ... Go out and conquer the world with HEART!