Bev Daubermann 
Prep Chaplain
The aim of Outreach in the Prep school is to give our children a heart for others and nurture the spirit of giving. To this end we try to have “hands-on” activities wherever practicable, so that the children learn about giving of themselves and not just monetarily.
The Prep Outreach team is made up of between 50-60 Grade 6 and 7 students who participate once a week in supporting the College High School Outreach team and the HeronBridge Training and Resource Centre. Some of the activities include: collecting and making perceptual games out of anti-waste and collecting recycle goods to make gifts for the support staff children and the Christmas party.  These give the children the opportunity for a broader contribution to Outreach.
However, our main focus is building our community and so in 2016 the Prep Outreach changed its focus from supporting many diverse charities to mainly supporting the needs of the pre-schools that are affiliated to the HeronBridge College Training and Resource Centre.  We donated food, collected stationery, made resources and had fun with them.
Click here to view the pictures from some of our Outreach to our adopted schools.
Recently we held a wonderful Where’s Wally? Civvies Day during Literacy week. The funds from this will go to buy books into the various pre-schools.
We will also be participating in the Stop Hunger Initiative which will see 120 000 meals packed. The whole school raises R120 000 to fund the purchase of the raw ingredients. Grades 1 to 7 are involved in the actual packaging of the ingredients into meal packs. These will be distributed to the schools over the year to meet their desperate need for feeding. 
The Grades 4 & 5 have a 'hot chocolate and pyjama day' where money is raised towards buying baby consumables, soft toys and blankets for the babies in our supported pre-schools in Diepsloot. 
Later in the year the Grades 1-3's participate in making resources for the pre-schools, some examples of these are using egg boxes to create colour patterns, making playdough and texture tiles out of anti-waste. The Grades 5 & 6's visit out supporting pre-schools spending a morning in the community installing comfort corners and blessing the children with a Christmas message of Hope. 
As part of our Inreach initiative the Grade 7's host a market day and donate some of the money raised towards purchasing new school shoes for our support staffs children and the Prep school donate non-perishable goods towards making hampers for our support staff. 
Watch this space and our HBC App for more details.